Hi, my name is Alvin Alexander. I wrote the Scala Cookbook for O’Reilly, and this is a website for my new book about Functional Programming in Scala.

I haven’t settled on a final name for the book yet, but I’ve been using “Functional Programming, Simplified” as a working title. That name reminds me that the purpose of this book is to simplify the process of learning functional programming (in the Scala programming language).

About the domain name

When you write a book like this you have to use the term “Functional Programming in Scala” a lot, and in the book I generally write “Scala/FP” instead of using that longer phrase. That’s why I use the domain name scalafp.com for this book.

Current status

On December 7, 2016, I released 21 new chapters of the book. You can find notes about all of the releases at the Changelog page.

When new lessons are available, I’ll make announcements on my Twitter account and at alvinalexander.com, so follow me at those places for updates.

The current website UI is very plain/simple. I’ll be improving that as time goes on, primarily to add a table of contents, and improving the colors, fonts, and formatting.

At some point I hope to release the book in different formats, including PDF, eBook, and printed book. That won’t be too hard to do, but my primary focus right now is on finishing all of the lessons, so it will be a little while before those other formats are available.

And now, the book

Well, that’s enough of the background material. Click this link or the image below to begin reading the book. I hope you like it.

All the best,